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What is the Flow Game?

The Flow Game is a process designed as a board game that creates a space for individual and collective consciousness and intelligence to emerge through reflection, dialogue and interactive learning.

The Flow Game is a powerful tool for creating an interactive reflection, dialogue and action space for groups, teams and individuals. It is a reflective process designed as a board game to have conversations that matter; on questions or challenges alive for us, in a safe, supportive environment.

Where will we reach after the game?

Ashik Krishnan

Co-creator of Travellers University

"The game brings a great clarity of thought to the fellows and Arvind has been a dear, supportive friend who facilitated the Flowgame for both the cohorts and fellowships so far."


Author & Leadership Coach

"There was so much that came from our conversation and sharing. It's amazing to go with a question and come out with articulated answers. It's a great way to gain from the community. Thanks to Arvind who made the space so inviting and comfortable."


Wellbeing & Community Champion

"For me, the flow game provided a structure to tap into my innate wisdom and the wisdom of the community. Arvind as a facilitator also brings a beautiful sense of stillness that allows one to experience a safe space for reflection."

About the host

Arvind is passionate about empowering individuals & groups to discover what ignites their hearts and achieve their aspirations. He integrates Family Systems Constellation, Flowgame, Transactional Analysis, Participatory Leadership, Circle Practices and Self-Designed Learning to enable growth, create inclusive spaces and build harmonious relationships. 

He co-founded Direct Dialogues Initiative, a fundraising startup to support the development sector. Arvind has 25-plus years of experience and continues to engage in various capacities in the space of Corporate Governance, Start Ups, Data Analysis and Education.

Who is it for?

The Flow Game is ideal for corporate teams, individuals or professionals seeking transformative conversations. Whether you're navigating personal challenges, fostering team cohesion, or simply curious, the Flow Game provides a unique space for reflection and growth. Join us for a session tailored to spark meaningful dialogue and elevate your journey, both personally and professionally.

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