Origin of the flow game

Over two decades ago, eight professionals who were friends and co-workers convened in Denmark with a visionary quest: “What would a good process, for people who wish to develop both their personal and professional leadership and entrepreneurship, look like?”

After a year of dialogue, discussion and collaboration, in 1998 the Flow Game was conceived as a process designed in the form of a game. The first Flowgame was played in 1999 at San Francisco and hosted by a Flowgame host. 

The simplicity of the Flow Game has enabled it to travel across continents. It has seamlessly become part of corporate boardrooms, leadership development programs and forums, employee wellbeing sessions and in personal empowerment contexts. 

How does it work?

The Flow Game works so well as a game that moves easily around all the boundaries and brings curiosity to the most challenging situations. The Flow Game can act as the centrepiece to a longer team building or organisational strategy session. Elements of the Flow Game can also be offered during longer meetings or events.

How does it help?

The purpose and intent of the Flow Game is to strengthen and bring flow to the life-affirming leadership and actions of the participant. It’s aim is to build and bring focus and flow into an important area or question in one's life; be it a project, a future direction of your work or relationships, or as part of your personal growth.

What are the takeaways?

The Flowgame serves as a catalyst, inviting an emergence of elements within the group. It pulls new perspectives, visionary insights, and a burst of creativity to fuel innovation. It integrates action and methodical practice seamlessly, encouraging a balanced approach to tangible progress. The game also calls for courageous and empathetic leadership, intertwining strength and compassion to guide the collective journey. It nurtures the vital presence of community, network, and support, fostering a collaborative environment where interconnectedness flourishes, empowering the group with the needed support.

Unleash Potential, Foster Connection: Elevate Your Experience with the Flow Game

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